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own baby boy, Joe, had been sleeping in one of the next rooms! Well, now she was getting her just
desserts alright! She just wished they would hurry and tell her what they wanted from her. She would
agree ... scrape together any amount of money, ... never see her darling Art again except in the most
innocent circumstances ... anything ... anything!
"If you will cooperate ... we will destroy them..."
It was definitely a different voice this time, coming from the right. She tried to be observant ... she might
have to remember all of this later. She remembered movies she had seen during which the blindfolded
detective was able to tell just where the criminals had taken him from certain sounds ... certain clues. But
she didn't seem to be able to concentrate properly ... she was too afraid ... too upset.
"IF you cooperate..." the voice continued.
Violently, Dorothy shook her head yes ... up and down ... yes ... yes ... anything ... she thought.
"Good!" the voice said. There was a pause. "First then, we will remove your clothes."
Dorothy jumped and automatically her hands crossed her breasts as though this futile gesture would
protect her. She shook her head no just as violently as she had said yes before and tried once more to
escape but she was forced back down once again and the mere touch of the alien hand now was enough
to send her cringing back to the floor. She began to sob again, completely undone. How could this
possibly be happening to her! She was going to be raped by complete strangers! The thought made her
entire body tremble and shake all over and she felt as though she were going to lose all control of her
senses. But instead, she just lay there cringing into what felt like blankets beneath her on the wooden
floor, horrifying visions of what was to come filling her head.
"Don't worry..." a voice said, and it sounded almost kind. "We won't do anything to hurt you!"
From the other side the slightly higher-toned voice added,
"You wouldn't want old Nick to see the photos, would you ... and the rest of the neighborhood as well!"
The very thought made Dorothy want to disappear into the floor. If only she could somehow become
invisible just to get up and walk out of there. If only she were somewhere miles away ... beyond reach
... out of sight of her lewd tormentors! But she wasn't and she couldn't help visualizing her husband Nick
looking at the photographs of her and her brother-in-law ... no doubt her face would have betrayed all
of the acute ecstasy she'd felt. No doubt they were clear, color photographs, the kind that formed the
center stories in Life magazine. Every detail of her lewd adultery would be clear! Her marriage would be
ruined ... Art's job gone ... her reputation as the proper Mrs. Nicholas Rogers shattered. Well, there
wasn't much left of her marriage anyway, but she couldn't let Art be ruined. How would he support the
children while he searched for another job? The children! The children were bound to find out ...
someone would tell them ... she was sure of that ... there were enough malicious people in the world
who would make sure that the children knew just what happened. Oh God, she had no choice! No
choice. Only to give in to them ... their evil dirty hands on her body ... forcing her ... touching her
intimately ...! She shuddered on the floor ... shuddered and started to slowly shake her head yes ...
shamefully ... up and down ... yes ... yes. For Art's sake ... for her own sake ... and most of all she
would submit for the children's sake!
Joe glanced at his sister. Lee was breathing hard through the handkerchief she was using to disguise her
voice ... and he could see that her eyes were gleaming with excitement. She returned his gaze and Joe
knew that the time had come. Below them on the floor lay the one woman who had occupied most of his
dreams for the past year and maybe even more. Ever since he could remember, Aunt Dot had been
someone special to him ... even more special than his mother had been when she was alive, although he
had never admitted that to himself before this moment! He didn't know just what it was ... but it just
was! Aunt Dot too, had always seemed to return his special feelings ... when she looked at him, Joe
always knew that it was with great love ... and he didn't know how to describe it ... something special.
Now Joe bent down toward the woman who was in reality his mother. He touched her foot and saw her
involuntarily draw her leg away. Lee spoke through her handkerchief.
"You will cooperate!"
Dorothy felt two small hot palms slowly push her knees apart. She jerked and tried to stop them ... but
someone else caught her hands and held them out on either side of her unprotected body. The hands
were sliding hotly up the inner softness of her thighs under her dress. Why hadn't she worn slacks! She
twitched and moaned as they reached the top of her stockings and began to toy with the smooth
sensitive flesh that lay between her hips and above her sheer hosiery. She heard heavy breathing and
groaned from the awful humiliation of being touched by a complete stranger in such luridly helpless
circumstances. Then another, more hideous thought struck her. Art had given her an hour before he said
he would come after her! She tried to calculate how long she had already been there. Heaven knew
what would happen if he came and discovered her being abused by these monsters! She could only
hope that it would all be over before he arrived. Perhaps, she thought, if she were more cooperative ... it
would end ... she would have the photos and she would be out of there ... it would all be finished ... a
bad memory perhaps, but one which would allow the rest of her life to be resumed on some sort of
normal level!
Joe made light contact with the thin legband of elastic that surrounded the sheer pink panties where tiny
blonde strands of pubic hair curled out from underneath the edges. Dorothy groaned as he rummaged
about on the outer edges, pushing it and sliding the material into the narrow slit of her trembling vagina.
He was surprised at how still she lay now, almost as though she had resigned herself to what was
happening. A new shaft of excitement pierced his heart at the thought of his audacity. HE WAS
ACTUALLY TOUCHING HER CUNT! He felt Lee's bright eyes on him as she observed everything
he did and he knew that all her lessons had served him well ... he was going to go through with the whole
thing without a hitch. His wildest dreams realized!
He played teasingly at first and then his index finger slipped suddenly beneath the thin protective crotch
band and he flicked at the moisture of her exposed cuntal lips where they pulsed involuntarily beneath
the thin pink panties. Dorothy groaned beneath the newest attack on her private world. She felt so open
and vulnerable down there between her legs ... and she knew that the other person, whoever it was, was
watching this lewd act ... an act of which she, Dorothy Rogers was the star!
Joe peered greedily up his mother's dress. But to him, she was Aunt Dot, a beautiful luscious blonde
creature who looked the way he had always imagined she would when they would be in the position
they now found themselves to be. He feasted lewdly upon the tight, bearded little hole between her legs
until Dot suspected what he was doing and tiny tears of humiliation streamed down beneath her blindfold
and she wondered what was to become of her. It was all so confusing! But she remembered the threats
... and the photographs ... and a determination came over her ... a determination to stand it in order to [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]